Bacterial Concentrate (2 kg)

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Bacterial Concentrate Doktor Robik LGN 0509: The bacterial concentrate is intended for creating a clean, warm environment in barns or poultry houses. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Application ․ The concentrate works effectively when used with a straw cover. Use forest sawdust or ground straw as a straw mat / mattress. The mattress should consist of several layers of 15-20 cm. For birds, two layers are preferred, where the height of the mattress reaches 30-40 cm, and in the case of cattle, 3-4 layers, increasing the height of the mattress to 45-60 cm. For best results, after applying the concentrate on each layer, spray with lukewarm water and mix the top layer regularly. Use 200 grams of concentrate for each layer of 4-5 square meters. Over time, the thickness of the mattress gradually decreases և it is necessary to add a new layer of 15-20 cm, enrich it with bacterial concentrate, spray with lukewarm water. Initially it is necessary to mix the top layer once a week, later as needed. Used properly, these mattresses can last up to two years. Can ․ Follow the general instructions of veterinarians: The dry, ventilated area provides a suitable microclimate for the viability of birds and animals.